San Francisco Is Definitely Now Getting More Monkeypox Vaccines

And just in time for Folsom Street Fair.

Monkeypox cases — suspected or confirmed — continue dropping in San Francisco. This week, the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) reported just three new cases of the zoonotic disease within the city and county, which is a far cry from the dozens recorded weekly back in August.

We recently reported that more MPX —the newly adopted name for “monkeypox” by health organizations to help bypass stigma and prejudice around the zoonotic disease — vaccines were being sent to the California Department of Public Health from the federal supply. However, it was unclear how many of those units would come to SF… if any at all.

Well, now we know that San Francisco is, indeed, getting more MPX vaccine units — 10,000, to be exact.

“SF is receiving a special allotment of 10k extra doses of #MPX vaccine from federal partners to protect the health & safety of SF visitors and eligible attendees at upcoming large events,” reads a tweet from the SFDPH published Thursday.

Access to these vaccines will also be expanded; pop-up clinics will be set up to serve attendees at the Folsom Street Fair and Castro Street Fair. And if your FWB or secondary partner coming from out of town next weekend would like an MPX vaccine, they’re eligible to receive one.

“These extra doses enhance our ongoing efforts to reach people inequitably impacted by MPX, especially BIPOC and Latinx communities,” reads the last in a thread of four tweets from SFDPH, adding that the department will be posting” updates on vax event opportunities on social,” as well as on its website.

Again: Get vaccinated. Get kinky and wild (with consent). If your queer cohort is still in the dark about receiving an MPX vaccine, inform them how to do so.

There’s now literally no excuse to do so.

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