Weekend Catch-up: Wet Weather and Food Workers’ Rights Were the Vibes

This historic Bay Area rainstorm brought with it much-need rain Saturday and Sunday — and SFO saw a large demonstration that led to 41 arrests.

In case you didn’t leave your apartment this weekend — because… well, *we’ve all been there* — a Bay Area-wide rainstorm descended on the region starting on Saturday, bringing with it record-breaking rainfall amounts. While San Francisco, which received an astounding 2.01” of rain on September 18th, 1959, didn’t break its daily record, various cities across the Bay Area did. In fact: Most parts of the region received rainfall amounts that were “double to quadruple” the historical averages… for the entire month of September.

That’s wild. And fantastic news, given just how drought-stricken the entire state is, particularly parts of the North Bay. 

More rain is expected to fall until Tuesday, though most of this yet-fallen perception will mostly be in the northern section of the Bay Area tonight.

Weather anomalies aside, dozens of food workers rallied outside SFO’s Terminal 3 Friday afternoon to demand better pay. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the average unionized food worker at SFO — a working cohort that includes baristas, servers, cooks, and bartenders — has been without an updated contract or wage increase for three years; they make just $17.05 an hour.

That’s only $0.06 above San Francisco’s minimum wage, which was updated to $16.99 in July. And that’s above $11 less than what financial experts believe is a liveable wage for the Bay Area.

“I have to work two jobs to support my family, and I’m exhausted from living on four hours of sleep a day,” said Lucinda To, a lounge attendant at the United Club and a server at Cat Cora’s Kitchen, to the newspaper. “I’m making $16.99 per hour even though a meal at the airport costs at least $20. I hope this protest will show people that workers at SFO need a change, and we are ready to strike for it.”

District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar, who was among the 41 arrested during the demonstration, acknowledged that “[SFO] workers deserve fair wages and fair treatment — and to know elected officials have their back.”

What else happened over the weekend? Here’s a lil’ rundown on some hyperlocal news that transpired Saturday and Sunday.

  • Dog Eared Books held its 30th birthday party! There was a 30% off store-wide discount on most books. More info.
    BART confirmed that the fatality on an Oakland railroad track Friday involved a motorcyclist. The man was allegedly flung onto the tracks after a traffic accident, where he was then struck by an oncoming train; more details are expected to be released later. More info.
  • The Mosquito Fire saw a major increase in containment. CAL FIRE recorded that CA’s largest wildfire this year (thus far) was 34% contained, which grew to 39% overnight. More info.
  • FYI: The waters off China Beach are notoriously dangerous. And caused three swimmers to need emergency rescue Friday night. More info.

Feature Image: Twitter via @Ash_Kalra

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