This San Francisco Dumpster Still Has Major ‘Mean Girls’ Energy

On Wednesdays, we only dispose of our trash inside this off-pink receptacle in San Francisco.

The massive queer mural being painted outside of OASIS in SoMa debuted just about a year ago to glowing fanfare and widespread praise.

SF-based painter, muralist, and founder of the event’s company Electroluxx Elliott C. Nathan (@elliottcnathan) — whose work you might recognize from Underscore’s banner art on The Bird App — told us that the mural has nods to “queer history.”

“The mural will have artwork referencing SF queer history, as well as Oasis’s history, and references to famous icons from theater, drag, film, and disco,” Nathan tells Underscore. The group of five queer artists — which, in addition to Nathan, includes Simón Malvaez (@simonmalvaez), Serge Gay Jr. (@sergegayjr), Christopher McCutcheon (@mccutcheon_art), and J Manuel Carmona (@manuel165) — painted the mural on 298 11th Street with red, pink, and purple Pantones.

One of the smaller, more utilitarian projects Nathan completed during the mural’s creation was embellishing one of OASIS’s dumpsters a crimson shade of pink. And to this day, it remains San Francisco’s prettiest dumpster — if one can exist at such a nexus.

From top to bottom, the massive steel container features some of Nathan’s iconic cartoons that have graced numerous murals across the city, as well as commissioned home paintings. Large sun-faded stickers that feature queer icons like drag queen Divine — the inspiration behind the original The Little Mermaid’s Ursula character — and other queer iconography, e.g. a leather-wrapped daddy figure, attached to the dumpster via an adhesive offer contrast to the fresh pink backdrop.

The dumpster also includes tongue-in-cheek “call me” text painted in black; an instructive arrow pointing to the word “trash” lets passersby know that synthetic waste does, in fact, go inside this piece of pragmatism.

All in all, it took Nathan just an hour to complete. And it can absolutely sit with us (metaphorically speaking… because, you know… it’s a dumpster).

All images: Courtesy of Elliott C Nathan

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  • Peter Jacobs

    When I have the time, I have read the stories and concerns about Gay Life in The City. Did it ever occur to you that there are many highly intelligent Gay and Bi Men and Women who live in San Francisco. I have found your topics to be interesting yet have you ever considered allowing Highly Intellectual observations from gay and bi men and women who who reside in The city? This would be of interest to many people who would enoy different points of view and a different vibe dedicated to what might interest from Political Viewspoints,The Arts as well as different perceptions and thoughts about important issues? I would believe this would be a boost to your readership as well as popularity. You might also gain a percentage of straight men and women who have no bias against gay men and women and people who are bi sexual. San Francisco since inception have been a huge draw to men and women in the Arts who are either gay, straight and Bisexual. Also very open minded liberals who relocated to the City with a freedom from oppressed viewpoints and negative consideration.. I believe your publication should be geared to everyone who does not possess prejudice as well as those that celebrate creativity and free thinking. Perhaps something to think about and consider.

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