A Look Inside San Francisco’s Own Barbie Dreamhouse

It’s Barbie’s world, and we’re just living in it — while paying San Francisco market rents and mortgages.

“Barbie” is breaking down plastic doors and glass ceilings with each passing day. Over the weekend, the film domestically grossed a staggering $155 million during its opening weekend — adding to its over $337 million global gross, as of publishing. The film has garnered widespread critical acclaim for its portrayal of gender; of queerness; of male loneliness; of radical vulnerability, femininity, and what it means to occupy the female form in a world rife with misogyny.

It also has supplied us with enough pink, theater-stopping regalia to last a lifetime. (Between Taylor Swift and Beyoncé currently touring the world with shows and the domestic premiere of “Barbie,” it really is a Hot Girl Fashion Summer.) You might’ve recently noticed gaggles of cotton-candy-colored filmgoers posing at the corner of San Jose Avenue and 24th Street, taking pictures in front of a like-themed home.

Because that’s right, reader: Malibu isn’t the only place in California with a real-life Barbie Dreamhouse. San Francisco has one, too.

The Italianate Victorian at 200 San Jose Avenue has a facade that could’ve been pulled straight from a 1962 Mattel catalog — the year the toy company debuted its first Barbie Dreamhouse. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home features a multi-hued pink and purple exterior, complete with a floral mural spanning the outer fence. The home’s Bay Windows are appointed with pink-hued molding, each one accented with crisp, plastic-white trim; the running frame on the entryway is painted with a deep baby blue that’s contracted with almost lime-green accents.

A Google Street View to show just how much SF’s Barbie Dreamhouse sticks out (in the best way possible).

Handrails are whiter than bleached linens; all of the exterior doors, including the garage doors, are either a pinkish purple or deep magenta; a well-kept rose garden, and dangling porch light feature stained glass that evokes beachside nostalgia.

Oh, and the interior of the home? Stunning.

According to Redfin, the property was sold in October 2021 for $3.2 million. The entire home is an homage to contemporaneous mid-century-modern design, complete with original cabinetry from 1900, which was the year this home was built; the gorgeous wainscoting and moldings also appear to be of-century; there’s a built-in bookshelf, a working wood fireplace, and updated marble bathrooms fit for both Barbie and Ken and their non-binary third. 

(I can, in another spatial dimension, imagine myself brewing my morning coffee from the kitchen, contemplating my good fortune as a peer through the manicured garden at a hummingbird bird feeder, buzzed by the small birds as they navigate tall flowers.)

It’s hard to do this property justice with merely diction and syntax, so we’re going to put some of our favorite images of the house below for you to pursue.

Feature image: Courtesy of SFARMLS

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