The Weekend Catch-Up: SF’s JFK Promenade Gets a New Piano

“Carly” is the newest pedestrian attraction on the San Francisco car-free corridor, joining the swath of murals, sculptures, and other pieces of public art.

San Francisco’s JFK Promenade — the 1.5-mile car-free corridor that was created during the pandemic through the City’s Slow Streets Program and made a permanent fixture last year — continues to enjoy growing fanfare.

It’s not uncommon to see the concrete pulsating with pedestrian activity throughout the week, but especially after the workday and during the weekends. And there’s little reason as to why. The Golden Mile Project, which is a non-profit initiative supported and organized by ILLUMINATE, has filled the vehicle-less expanse with a plethora of niceties. Yes, there’s whale watching. Of course, you’ll find massive murals. Even larger dog sculptures protrude out of the asphalt like Egyptian monoliths. Why indeed, you’re correct: You’re right: cups of coffee are, in fact, served out from an adorable campervan along the roadway.

Among the most beloved attractions to grace, the JFK Promenade has been the collection of public pianos.


Now there’s another joining the group. Meet “Carly,” everyone.

In a tweet shared by ILLUMINATE, she’s seen being played by a passerby, their helmet doubling as a corona of sorts as they masterfully stirred the keys. Darcy’s color scheme is that of a bumble bee: jet black with striking yellow embellishments. 

Though we might get some rain this Friday, the rest of the week is looking like a prime time to get acquainted with the dashing, fine-tuned muse, herself. All while getting some fresh air, no less.

What else happened over the weekend? Let’s take a look.

  • More unravels about the house explosion on 22nd Street in San Francisco. The deadly house explosion, which displaced five families and left one person dead, has led to San Francisco police arresting 53-year-old Darron Price in relation to the event; the alleged suspect is facing charges of “involuntary manslaughter, the manufacturing of illegal narcotics and two counts of child endangerment.” More info.
  • Hong Kong Lounge II Legacy is now reimagined as HK Lounge Bistro, baby. Four years after a devastating fire nearly leveled the beloved dim sum eatery, the family-owned restaurant reopened its doors over the weekend to enthusiastic crowds and long lines; the crispy pork buns remain top tier. More info. 
  • Bay Area pharmacies continue closing in an alarmingly dangerous trend. Pharmaca, which was acquired by Walgreens, announced it’s shuttering its seven Bay Area locations — adding to the growing number of pharmacy deserts that have begun widening since 2019 across the region, creating accessibility issues for people needing medication and personal hygiene products. More info.

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