San Francisco’s Viral Pancake Block Party Is Back, Baby

Well… at least for this upcoming Sunday. But the popular San Francisco party is a welcomed way to make new SF friends in 2023.

Curtis Kimball rose to hyperlocal notoriety in 2022 after his series of pancake block parties grew into popular events. The street outside his Bernal Heights home regularly saw hundreds of people congregate and line up for freshly flipped pancakes for the monthly pancake party.

The flapjack festivities began with humble, endearing roots; it was conceived as an event for people to meet new people — fresh friends over hot pancakes, if you will. It was an act of frequent platonic cordiality that even landed Kimball an appearance on the “Today” show.

“You don’t know the good things that might happen from putting yourself out there, but you know some good things will happen,” Kimball told the San Francisco Chronicle in February of last year around his viral pancake get-togethers. “If you spread good vibes to people, good stuff happens.” 

And that’s exactly what happened last year when hundreds — perhaps close to a thousand humans — came to a February kiki, the axiom for it around griddled pancakes, which were offered as plain or with either chocolate chips or blueberries.

Like tens of thousands of San Franciscans over the past two years, Kimball moved away from SF in July of 2022; Kimball and his family moved to D.C.; prior to the family’s East Coast chapter, he continued his communal pancake tradition in Los Angeles, attracting long lines and smiling eaters.


But! Kimball’s D.C. stint was brief. He and his family have returned, and Kimball’s looking to make friends in a familiar way… by throwing another pancake party.

“We couldn’t stay away from California,” reads a poster sent from Kimball’s Twitter handle, which is aptly named “pancakes with friends” [at]cremebruleecart. “So, we’re back. And my wife says I need more friends, even more than before.”

“So I’m making pancakes to make friends… AGAIN,” the poster continues, showing one of Ben Affleck’s most meme-able moments: the actor looking pensive on the beach during a gloomy day.

The party is set to happen this upcoming Sunday, February 19th, from 9am to 11am at Alabama Street, between Precita and Cesar Chavez streets.

Yes, there will be fluffy, hot carbs. Yes, the aforenoted additions — blueberries and chocolate chips — will be available. “Unruly children,” leashed doggos, and “bad jokes” will all help break the ice that sits above the waters of cool new friendships.

We can’t wait to carb load over amiable conversations.

Feature image: Courtesy of [at]cremebruleecart


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