The Weekend Catch-Up: Saint Patrick’s Day Descends on an Empty Downtown San Francisco

One of the rarest animals on earth was recently seen off Monterey Bay… and (most) Silicon valley Bank deposits will be accessible today.

Saturday and Sunday saw varying degrees of precipitation and wind speeds spin around San Francisco. This weekend’s weather was both a reminder of the prior atmospheric river that gripped the SF Bay Area, as well as a preamble to the other one that’s arriving Tuesday. (According to recent predictions, parts of San Francisco could record more than an inch of rain and gusts between 40 mph and 50 mph; areas near the Santa Cruz mountain could see far more rain and wind speeds in excess of 70mph.) Flooding is hella likely in the southern and eastern parts of the region.


Nevertheless, Saint Patrick’s Day crowds navigated around downtown SF Saturday, taking full advantage of breaks in between drizzles and fog. But the air around bar hopping and the city’s 172nd Satin Patrick Day parade, which took place from 2nd and Market streets to Civic Center Plaza via McAllister Street, was eerie.

Sidewalks were sparse. Whatever sunshine there was reflected off vacant offices. A small protest was held outside Twitter’s headquarters; two men donned full masks of Elon Musk’s face. Traffic lights turned green and saw one, maybe two cars pass through them before pivoting red.

Claps and chants bounced off empty storefronts — echoing the need to see these buildings converted into usable, hospitable, rezoned domiciles. Should they become housing units, may they be dog friendly… and allow for large-breed dogs, like Irish wolfhounds. 

Weather and mild dystopia aside, what else transpired over the weekend? Here’s a quick look.

  • One of the world’s most endangered mammals was spotted off Monterey Bay. A North Pacific right whale — a species that numbers just 40 recorded individuals — was seen in the bay, which was the 18th confirmed sighting of the species off the coast of California since 1955. More info.
  • Life inside the Tenderloin’s SROs is one spent on edge. Many complexes have a long list of rules, many of which are completely incomprehensible, that make lease violation write-ups too easy; a number of the caseworkers who serve with the TL’s SRO are underpaid and have multiple jobs… making case management and efficacy hard to maintain at quality levels. More info
  • Commercial salmon fishing in California is closed. It’s the first time this has happened in the state’s history, despite the recent rains helping salmon reach spawning grounds — because the current fish-able salmon were born during the state’s more severe drought periods, leaving less mature adults available to mate and produce viable young. More info
  • The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse continues spiraling. And on Sunday, the U.S. government assured all FDIC-insured deposits would be paid out swiftly; accounts withholdings that access the $250,000 insurance limit will also be able to access their money on Monday, as well. More info.

Feature image: Courtesy of Pexels

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