The SF Bay Ferry’s Twitter Account Is a Hyperlocal Delight

If you’re not following the public ferry service’s Twitter account — do it now… for the feel-good vibes.

I spend way too much time on Twitter. This is also to say — in the very same puff — that I’m a journalist in the year 2022; to log off the soon-to-be-Musk-owned website is to forfeit the chance to break a story. Or, worse: Leave the orbit of your sex-positive circles.

I’ve, quite literally, built a branch of my “brand,” if you will, creating articles around a single tweet. Suffice it to say that the SF Bay Ferry’s official Twitter account could provide enough material to compose a series of novellas.

In case you aren’t aware, the San Francisco Bay Ferry operates five marine routes in the SF Bay between its 16 vessels. The shortest path, barring any “short hop,” goes to the Alameda Seaplane, while the longest journey will take riders to Vallejo and Mare Island — an hour-ish ride that features some of the most gorgeous views to sponge up while reading. 

It’s quite a frugal way of getting to and from places in the SF Bay Area, as well. The most expensive ferry ticket will set you back $9 on your clipper card. With gas prices the way they are, it’s, in fact, cheaper to take the ferry than drive to Vallejo (assuming your car gets about 25 miles per gallon). 

Unlike BART, which we *all* have a love-hate relationship with, the San Francisco Bay Ferry is largely quite punctual. Oh! There are also snacks and free Wifi onboard.

Oh! And whoever runs the public ferry service’s Twitter account is a gem of a human being. 

On any given day, I find myself skimming the account for happenstance serotonin releases. It’s clear that the SF Bay Ferry is pro-WFH, welcomes in all the “Fall vibes,” appreciates Karl The Fog as much as I do, and is privy to sharing a snap of the sunset from the deck.

We love to see it — and will continue to keep on loving to see it. And I think you will, too.

For more information on the Bay Area’s bb public ferry service, including ticketing information and routes, visit Of course, follow their v active and v fruitful Twitter account [at]SFBayFerry.

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