Juanita MORE!’s After-Party for ‘Juanita: 30 Years of MORE’ Was Filled With Happenstance Reunions

‘Juanita: 30 Years of MORE!’ celebrates Juanita MORE!’s decades-long influence — a sentiment that extended to the exhibit’s official after party, as well.

This past Friday in San Francisco belonged to Jaunita MORE!. After weeks of grueling work and a level of dedication that went unbent, the beloved SF-based drag queen and serial philanthropist debuted her exhibit at the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC), Juanita: 30 Years of MORE — a gallery-spanning homage to her three decades being the prettiest queen in San Francisco.

It was a debut rich with collaborative tonalities. Hundreds attended the opening reception that included remarks from MORE!, herself. People thronged the intimate exhibit space, ogling over pieces of art, framed pictures, and embellished regalia — many of the gallery pieces plucked right from the perpetual 33-year-old’s tiny TenderNob studio. Selfies were snapped; curiosities were quelled; smiles and laughter filled and echoed throughout the room.

At 8 p.m., the ceremony began closing, with many of its attendees hailing rideshares to the off-site after party that was co-hosted by notable performers and artists like Mary Vice, Simón Malvaez, Mr. David Glamamore, and others. Underscore_SF was proud to be the only media sponsor of the event.

The four-hour-long celebration embodied the queer communities San Francisco is known for enmeshing. Held at the three-story Four One Nine event venue space that spans over 3,300 square feet, drinks were poured from two open bars, each temporary watering hole sponsored by Some Are Camp. 

Mesmeric connections of either gin- or tequila-forward drinks were holstered by people modeling all manner of regalia. Pink-hued drinks contained in opaque glassware add serendipitous pops of color to those holding them, close to their torso, so as to not accidentally wet another attendee’s clothing. The venue was spacious. Modern and quaint. Crowded, though.

And while the first floor’s tall white walls failed to captivate the masses, warm bodies thronged the upper two stories. MORE!, whose neck was coiled by a loose-fighting snake chain, floated through the crowd, engaging with everyone in her presence and proving why she’s often considered the best host in San Francisco.

She has an uncanny way of making anyone feel at home — like they’re sitting down at her large kitchen table.

In that same vein, the Friday evening soiree shined as yet another example of MORE!’s ability to foster happenstance communions. It’s cliche to say that she knows everyone; it’s just that she does; it’s a mere matter of fact. There’s always a good chance that you’ll manage to run into a human — friend, fuck-buddy, contentious ex, a biped you’ve flirted with on any given dating app — who you haven’t hugged in ages at any one of her events.

The after-party for Juanita: 30 Years of MORE was such an occasion. SF-based Photographer Fred Row was on site to snap some stills, which you can see in their full resolution here

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