The (Belated) Weekend Catch-Up: SF’s Twitter Headquarters Has… ‘Er’… a New Sign

Plus: Bobcats will prove hella resilient to the mega-fires of the future that will wrap the SF Bay Area.

Over the weekend, a perpetual manchild and human incel Elon Musk decided to engage in an act of design face-palming that literally no one asked for: renaming and rebranding Twitter. The aforenoted social media is now “X” — a new name that’s apparently rife with legal red tape (because many other tech giants like Meta, as well as Windows, have a copyright on it for social media use; Twitter, however, does not).

On Monday, Twitter’s headquarters in SF began dismantling the iconic signet outside its Market Street offices… though not before the City stepped in, thwarting its demolition. Why, you ask? Twitter had failed to seek proper permitting from San Francisco for the sign’s removal. Of course.

While the sign has since been altogether removed, it did, for a short time Monday, just read “er,” which seems humorously fitting. 

And with threads efficiently plunging off an engagement cliff — recent reports show that use of the app has fallen over 70% since its debut — the current landscape of short-form text social media is bleak. Only time will tell what the future holds for space, but let this be an excuse for us all to touch grass.

What else transpired over this past weekend? A quick recap.

  • A car *flew* over Sanchez Boulevard. After what police suspect was a previous carjacking, a Nest cam on 19th Street recorded a white sedan launch into the air off 19th Street and Sanchez Sairs before colliding with the sidewalk below; miraculously, the crash resulted in no injuries — and an investigation into the crash is still underway. More info.
  • It looks like SF’s real estate market is shooting back up. Available homes in the Bay Area, especially in San Francisco, are expected to grow even more expensive as inventory went from around 6,155 active listings this time last year… to now about 3,700. More info.
  • As it turns out, cockroaches and both bobcats and foxes will endure our climate crisis. New research from UC Berkeley shows many animal species in Northern California will be quite adapted to the inevitable mega-fires to come; bobcats, foxes, and jackrabbits are among the most fire-resistant species observed in the study. More info.

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