SF’s Golden Gate Bridge Hashtagged 4 Million Times on Instagram

We’re not exactly the biggest fan of these kinds of eye-rolling data reports — but we can’t help but stan and be proud of San Francisco’s foremost sight-seeing marvel.

The Golen Gate Bridge is arguably the most famous, well-known bridge in the country — perhaps the world. (After all: the iOS “bridge” emoji was based on the 90-year-old suspended structure.)

In a recent report from Family Destinations Guide, it was revealed that the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has been hashtagged millions upon millions of times on Instagram, accumulating a total of 4.3 million hashtags over the course. In fact, it was the third-most hashtagged Califonira destination, sitting behind Yosemite National Park and, oddly enough, Venice Beach.

“For many, social media is an important factor when it comes to picking a vacation destination,” reads a bit of eye-rolling web copy from the aforenoted, odiously white-washed website.

A quick look at the feature images the company chooses to use for its hosted blogs doesn’t include a single BIPOC individual on its last three dozen posts. Moreover, the content is grossly skewed to cater toward cis-heterosexual, upper-middle-class caucasian fancies; there’s not one mention of a trip or activity, or recreation geared toward, say, a queer child or family founded on a same-sex family.

It’s all so fucking problematic and culturally archaic. But we’re more than happy to highlight the magic of San Francisco — a metropolis that remains unapologetically queer, strange, and an epicenter for inclusivity and individuality — by way of data we didn’t have to do the leg work to procure.

“The study offers a fascinating insight into the tourist spots in California that prove to be the most popular for social media users and it will be interesting to see if this ranking changes in 2023,” reads more from the website in a press release.

For the love of any Higher Power listening, don’t base any vacation trip solely on social media standings. Take time to find reviews/guides from hyperlocal media outlets; make a note to search for small business alternatives to otherwise Big Brand shopping splurges; hike local greenspaces and check out community centers.

Of course: If you’re in San Francisco, walk the Golden Gate Bridge — but just don’t be that person who blocks sidewalk traffic by way of a flailing selfie stick.

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