About Us

Founded in 2022, Underscore_SF was organized under the axiom that what makes San Francisco — (and, by extension, the Bay Area) — so remarkable is its underbelly. Its peculiarities. Those quirks. These idiosyncrasies.

How songs that might otherwise exist unsung in different metros reverberate off the city’s 44 hills in gripping orchestras. San Francisco remains a bastion for left-of-centrism… even amid all its problems; to live in the seven-by-seven is to confidently juggle juxtapositions and dichotomies with proactive intention.

This is what Underscore_SF celebrates: The personalities, stories, and voices that make this slice of Northern California wildly distinctive. But we’re not above holding people’s feet to the fire either, nor are we poised to sit idly in the wake of dehumanizing, immoral, corrupt actions. 

We’re unorthodox. We’re opinionated. We’re hyperlocal.

Underscore_SF, too, exists outside the cannon of large-scale corporate ownership and organization; we’re independently owned and operated, helping fill the void of Bay Area indie publications that have gone the way of dodo birds over the past decade.

We’re here to say, while simultaneously standing as a safe space — an online stronghold if you will — for San Francisco’s indisputable authenticity. And we thank you for being a part of this ongoing journey with us.

  • Have any local tips, story ideas, unusual viewpoints on San Francisco, as well as about the Bay Area, and other like ideas? Send them to info@underscoresf.com
  • For any other questions, pieces of feedback, and pings that don’t fit nicely into any of the aforementioned categories, get in contact with Underscore_SF’s editor-and-chief and founder, Matthew Charnock, at mattcharnock@underscoresf.com.
  • For advertising rates, additional info, and a copy of our most recent media kit, contact Matthew Charnock at mattcharnock@underscoresf.com.