This SF Eatery Has Reopened — With Some of the Best Burgers

Causwells knows how to put proteins in between complex carbohydrates.

Admittedly, we’re not the biggest fans of the Marina; it’s, basically, home to San Francisco’s proverbial frat and sorority houses that culminate into a conservative, Republican-leaning slice of the city. But we are massive stans of the neighborhood’s food and drink scene.

Causwells fits nicely into that fandom.

Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Amberg

Having just reopened this week on September 27th, the Chestnut Street-addressed eatery now features a completely revamped interior. The redesigned space now draws inspo from the art deco era — a popular styling in San Francisco that’s synonymous with much of the city’s historical-significance architecture. The refreshed dining and drinking spaces now include deep, rich colors, detailed wall pieces, and geometric touches… that definitely give The Beehive’s hexagonal hints a run for their money.

Good news: Causwells beloved outdoor parklet will remain and continue to offer one of the best al fresco dining experiences in the Marina.

But, yea, burgers.

The eight-year-old restaurant has grown into a touchstone of new-age, upscale American cuisine, all punctuated with a uniquely European bistro flare. The updated menu includes a list of familiar favorites; you can’t go wrong with ordering the Detroit-style cheese bread or the smoked salmon slider or cauliflower hot wings or all three. The drinks, too, retain in their phenomenal, cult following-worthy tastes and presentations; a tableside Martini service — with three “freezer Martinis” that can be served either singly, or on a tray for a table of four — is now available to patrons.


Causwells includes three burgers on its most recent menus: a veggie burger, a burger of the month, and, of course, its famous American Burger. While the former two sandwiches are delicious in their own right — always ask what the burger of the month special is whenever you visit, FYI — it’s the latter all-American option that holds a dear place in our hearts.

Towering off the plate like a thicc reticulated giraffe, the American burger exudes uninhibited pleasure. It’s not trying to fit into any dietary fad… although vying for excellence by means of simplicity.

In between a perfectly toasted, well-domed bun are two red-meat patties. Two slices of artisanal American cheese. Causwell sauce (which coats the tongue like a flavorful, somewhat less viscous mayonnaise). Onions. Shrettuce (short for “shredded lettuce” for the uninitiated). That’s all.

There’s, of course, a side of fries that accompany an order of the burger; it would be sacrilegious not to include them.

Sinking your teeth into it is an exercise in surrendering to delight. And understanding that you don’t need to add every organic plant product or humanely raised meat to perfect the classic American-style burger.

This country has fucked up a lot of things (and continues to do so) in the name of tradition. But Causwells’ exemplary example of the classic American burger represents the increasingly rare example in modern society that some lore is best left alone. 

Causwells ( is now open for dinner Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m; on Friday and Saturday, the eatery is open until 10 p.m.; brunch is served Friday from 12 to 3 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; for more information on Causwlls, as well as sift through their entire menu online, visit

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