These ‘Mushrooms’ Are Sprouting Up All Around San Francisco

And no: They won’t get you high or bring you closer to a divine power source. 

San Francisco is a wonderland of public art. The city is home to hundreds, if not thousands of public street-facing art. Murals paint our walls; colorful lights illuminate city landmarks; ostensibly haunting sculptures look down and through us. There’s magic around every corner of the 49-square-mile utopia.

Now adding to that omnipresent wonder is a new collection of dressed-up fire hydrants, painted to look like mushrooms plucked right out of a Disney film — fire hydrant fungi if you will.

Painting a hodgepodge of San Francisco’s decades-old fire hydrants, many of which are well into their seventh decade in orbit on this space rock, the aptly named Instagram account “magicmushroom.”

“Sprouting up around town,” reads the sparse bio of the Instagram accounts behind the painted mycelial bodies. As of publishing, the account is behind nine mushroom-like fire hydrants located across San Francisco, each one uniquely itself — much like the fungi that inspire them. There’s even a blue one.

TBD on where the next one will spring up, but we do know that it won’t be dependent on soil conditions and humidity levels. 


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