This Oakland Deli Had a Car Smash Into It Over the Weekend

A hit-and-run driver smashed into Oakland’s Wise Sons deli — the Jewish restaurant at 1700 Franklin Street — over the weekend, causing all matter of mayhem

The automotive era might’ve been a terrible, costly, dangerous mistake. In the 100-plus years since their grip on American society, more than 3,600,000 motor vehicle mortality have been recorded; they are responsible for 40% of all transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions; have stripped cities of precious space, and led to the ballooning expansion of car-dependent suburbs; and have made our lives all around, more expensive and cumbersome.

Oh, they also have a knack for plowing into human-made structures — like, say, a cherished East Bay eatery — when piloted by irresponsible bipeds. 

Sunday afternoon around 3 p.m., an Acura crossover slammed into Wise Sons’ downtown Oakland location, obliterating its glass storefront and leaving a trail of damage. 

The crash, which is deemed a hit-and-run, caused no injuries, according to KTVU. By Sunday evening, the mess had largely been cleaned up and the car, which was abandoned in the storefront after it careened into the deli, was removed.

Video of the crash shows that a fire hydrant was likely broken during the crash; a small pool of water can be seen pouring into the street. KRON4 noted that the Oakland Police Department is investigating the hit-and-run, and no arrests have been made yet in relation to the crash; it appears that there was a high-speed race between the Acura and another vehicle, which ultimately led to the driver of the former car to smash into the East Bay deli.

So, yea: Fuck cars. And also: Order the pastrami at Wise Sons when they reopen after repairs have been made.

Feature image: Courtesy of Twitter via [at]Elaifresh

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