These New Electric Trains in SF Bay Area Are *Chef’s Kiss*

Caltrain debuted its new electrified fleet of multiple-unit trains to thousands of public transit enthusiasts over the weekend.

The transportation sector remains of the most controversial greenhouse gas emission sources. Nearly 40% of all CO2 emissions released globally getting to and from places are tied to personal vehicles; these automobiles not only contribute to urban traffic congestion and poor air quality, but our dependency on them also decreases both city livability and satisfaction with urban living. 

There’s a direct correlation between accessibility and contentment as it relates to an area’s walkability and public transport options. Fewer cars are the answer, not more. And with the recent debut of Caltrain’s new electric multiple-unit (EMU) trains, the SF Bay Area just got a major boost in carbon-friendly public transport choices.

“The primary purpose of Caltrain Electrification is to improve Caltrain system performance and curtail long-term environmental impacts by reducing noise, improving regional air quality, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions,” reads an overview of the agency’s initiative dedicated to more environmentally-sound public transport. “Electrification improvements will better address Peninsula commuters’ vision of increased service and improved travel times in an environmentally friendly and reliable way. These service improvements are also expected to help accommodate increased system ridership through improved system operations.”

Caltrain’s first EMUs debuted this weekend to thousands of eager riders, each unit featuring a long list of modernized amenities. For one: There are now ample AC outlets located at every fixed seat — a perk that’s amplified with the new storage spaces, allowing riders to charge phones, laptops, tablets, and whatever have you while safely stowing them away.

Each restroom onboard the EMUs now is hella big; there’s ample space for parents to use the charging stations. And there’s more space to stretch your legs, move through cabins, and generally drink your water and mind your business through the trains.

Oh: The new exterior designs are also incredibly more aerodynamic and energy-efficient than the diesel iterations they’re replacing.

The future is two things: electrification and mass transit friendly. Us fortunate enough to call the Bay Area home can ride into the future… all while charging our iPhone 13s (that we may or may not still be paying off).

Feature image: Courtesy of Caltrain

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