So… Muni Dropped the First of 30 New Buses This Weekend

The San Francisco transport agency pulled a Beyoncé.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) manages about 1,100 vehicles — 40 of which are historically significant streetcars with production years dating back as far as 1915. While not nearly as well-loved (yet) as say the “Peter Witt” cars that run up and down the F Market and Wharves line, Muni did just debut the first of its new 30 much more up-to-date buses over the weekend (without even a teaser video or social media soft launch).

In a tweet from Alexander Hirji, one of the members of SFMTA’s Youth Transportation Advisory Board, it was announced that “the first of [SFMTA’s] 30, new, air-conditioned and far more reliable buses entered service” on Saturday, September 10.

“You can expect to see [these updated buses] roll out on routes like the 35, 36, 37, 39, 66, and 67 over the coming months,” Hirji continues, previously nodding at BART’s 50th birthday celebration on the same day — “bart isn’t the only agency celebrating today.”

The buses, which appear to be marginally smaller with slightly reduced passenger capacity, are made by El Dorado, a Riverside-based company that produces quality low-floor and standard floor buses for transit markets.

A peek inside one of them shows an array of blue seats organized in a familiar fashion. Though evidently not as comfortable as some riders had hoped for, they’re far better than those hard ones currently found inside SFMTA’s newly introduced fleet of battery-electric buses.

With all of us finally coming down from the recent Bay Area-wide heat wave, it’s nice to know that we can find respite from hot temperatures inside these new air-conditioned cocoons on wheels when the next one inevitably descends on the region. Because climate crisis.

Feature Image: Courtesy of Twitter via @sashazandr

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