Photos: SF Bay Area Snow Storm Transforms Region Into Winter Wonderland

For the first time in over a decade, the region was covered by a Winter Weather Warning from the National Weather Service — foreshadowing the snowfall that was to come. 

San Francisco is lauded for its temperate, stable year-round climate. Generally speaking, there’s no need to vary a wardrobe between, say, winter and summer clothing; it’s, more or less, just a decision as to how marginally thicker or thinner your outerwear might need to be.

But occasionally, cold snaps grip San Francisco (and elsewhere in the Bay Area), forcing us to wear denser coats and a pair of plush gloves. This week’s proven particularly cold… and even produced snowfall in parts of the SF Bay Area.

Wednesday and Thursday, February 22nd and February 23rd, produced a rare amount of snowfall in the region. 

Moreover: Conditions are still right across many parts of the region to produce snow well into Friday, potentially giving a chance for snow to fall in San Francisco at an elevation of 500 feet. In fact, this morning’s snowfall was “just an appetizer” for the winter weather to come. 

(However, this is unlikely — though frost and dense fog will probably come our way.)

And while this winter wonderland continues, here are some of our favorite moments captured on social media. Should we get another snowfall, expect a part two tomorrow.


Feature image: Courtesy of [at]NativeSantaCruz on Twitter

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