We Asked ChatGPT Where to Get the Best Matcha in San Francisco 

San Francisco has some of the best matcha cafes in the world — but does AI know that?

The matcha craze that began steeping in 2015 — a frenzy that began stirring after Gwenth Paltrow (and Goop) began pedaling Instagram posts postering the drink — and hasn’t let up. It’s been one of the few foodie trends that’s proven to be evergreen… (literally). In San Francisco, with its gastronomic culture and glowing Asian American community, matcha has a forever safe space. By proxy: San Francisco sits as a bastion for all things matcha.

In a city that’s popularized everything from matcha ice creams to matcha layered cakes, it’s easy to stray too far from the center. And when you do come back to that nucleus (read: a v, v, [v] good cup of matcha), it’s important that it’s a truly remarkable trip.

But… does ChatGPT know where to get a good cup of matcha in San Francisco? Surprisingly, yea. After all, it already knows where to get a good burrito in San Francisco

Here are a few 

  • Stonemill Matcha: This Japanese-inspired cafe is known for its high-quality matcha and serves a variety of matcha drinks and pastries.
  • Samovar Tea Lounge: With three locations in San Francisco, Samovar offers a wide selection of teas, including a delicious matcha latte made with organic matcha powder.
  • Craftsman and Wolves: This trendy bakery serves a delicious matcha croissant that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, as well as a refreshing matcha lemonade.
  • Aiko Matcha: Aiko Matcha is a specialty matcha store that offers a range of ceremonial-grade matcha, as well as matcha accessories and classes.
  • Home Cafe: This cozy cafe in the Outer Sunset neighborhood serves a delicious matcha latte made with homemade almond milk, as well as matcha smoothie bowls and other matcha treats.

Tbh? We stan and support these picks, especially Stonemill Matcha. (Mizudashi, which is Japenese for “cold brew,” is also offered in matcha form, and we’d highly recommend it at Stonemill Matcha.) But we’d be remiss not to add fifty/fifty in the Inner Richmod to this list. The light-filled corner cafe space, alone, is worth a trip. The shop also just so happens to serve a great, somewhat affordable cup of matcha.

So… yea: Some of the best matcha spots in San Francisco really can be found having a text-based conversation with ChatGPT. But can it properly steep and stir a 4oz matcha to drink? No (… not yet, anyway).

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