We Asked ChatGPT Where’s the Best Burrito in San Francisco 

Can a robot powered by artificial intelligence give good food recommendations in SF? Surprisingly… yes.

‘ChatGPT Takes on SF’ is the series that sees us interact with the controversial chatbot about all things San Francisco, shedding a light on how (hopefully) human-produced hyperlocal journalism can’t be replaced by a machine-learning algorithm.

I love burritos; we love burritos; you love burritos; everyone loves burritos. Our affinity for these tortilla-wrapped portable meals knows no bounds. (I *will* wait in line in a lengthy line or walk a half-mile [or more] out of my way to grab a scrambled egg morning burrito from Breakfast Little.)

San Francisco even has its own hyperlocal style of burritos: the Mission Burrito. The type, itself, is accredited to Raul and Micaela Duran, who sold burritos from their meat market in 1972, which were made into the La Cumbre Taqueria.

The duo dated the birth of the San Francisco burrito on September 29, 1969. Decades later, the Mission Burrito has its own cult-like following and exists in a canon of cuisine in San Francisco occupied by just a handful of other eats (like sourdough bread).

And as those years passed since its inception, a completely polar opposite societal norm has entered our collective lexicons: artificial intelligence (AI). As one with an endlessly curious mind (that exudes insomniac qualities) does, we asked ChatGPT where’s the best burrito in San Francisco.

The results? Shockingly, horrifyingly, worryingly on point.

Here’s the transcribe, below: 

“San Francisco is known for its diverse food scene, and there are many places that serve delicious burritos. Here are a few places you may want to check out:

La Taqueria: This Mission District institution is a popular spot for its delicious burritos, which are made with handmade tortillas and packed with tasty fillings. Their carnitas and carne asada burritos are particularly popular.

El Farolito: Another Mission District favorite, El Farolito is known for its massive, flavorful burritos. Try the super burrito, which is filled with rice, beans, meat, cheese, and guacamole.

La Corneta Taqueria: With multiple locations in the city, La Corneta is a go-to spot for fresh, delicious burritos. Their fish and shrimp burritos are particularly popular.

Taqueria Cancun: Located in the Mission and the Excelsior, Taqueria Cancun serves up huge burritos filled with flavorful meats, beans, and rice. The al pastor burrito is a fan favorite.

Papalote Mexican Grill: This popular Mexican restaurant has multiple locations throughout the city, and its burritos are consistently delicious. Try the grilled chicken or carne asada burrito for a tasty treat.

Keep in mind that these are just a few of the many great burrito spots in San Francisco, and everyone has different tastes and preferences. It’s always worth exploring the city and trying out new places to find your own personal favorite.”

Tbh? Like, barely any notes; the mention of Taqueria Cancun’s al pastor burrito had us clutching our proverbial pearls.

We’d only like to include in this list Señor Sisig’s cross-cultural signature burrito — and is without a doubt, our favorite burrito in SF with a plant-based (read: tofu) option.

If AI does take over society as we know it, at least it can point us to good dinner and lunch recommendations.

Feature image: Courtesy of La Taqueria

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