The Weekend Catch-Up: Balloons and Blossoms in the San Francisco Bay Area

It’s going to be a gorgeous few days to get outside, explore the city, and smell the flowers in San Francisco.

Outside a few wet spells, this past weekend was gorgeous, glorious, and germinating with good vibes. (That said: We’re still riding at some dawn this week to make right by Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” losing to another generic white man’s sonic collection of lukewarm fluff-pop.)

ICYMI: San Francisco’s blooming. Signs of spring are beginning to pop up. We’re now in the thick of Plum Blossom Szn in San Francisco. The city’s purple leaf plums are flowing in pretty pink hues, complementing the magnificent magnolias at the Conservatory of Flowers; cherry blossoms, too, are coloring Japantown in a symphony of bright, shell-pink petals.

Like we said earlier today: Get out there and smell some flowers. We could all use serotonin.

Over the weekend too, the SF Bay Area chapter of the National Weather Service poked fun at the Chinese spy balloon that was taken down by fighter jets. From January 29th to February 4th, the aforenoted white high-altitude balloon, which was later found to be operated by China, crossed North American airspace; it mostly passed through the midwest; perhaps the Chinese government got an idea of just how many Walmart locations populate this region of the county.

An investigation is currently underway into the contents of the balloon, as well as its intentions. But over the weekend, two balloons were reported in the SF Bay Area — and one came from the National Weather Service.

The other? The agency cheekily joked on Twitter that it might’ve come from the midwest — “we think [the balloon] came from Ohio.”

GBK (Giggle behind keyboard).

What else happened over the weekend? Here are a few notable happenings. 

  • A cyclist was fatally stabbed off CA 1. The incident occurred Wednesday and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department has said in a news release. 39-year-old Vanroy Evan Smith was booked into the Orange County jail on “suspicion of murder.” More info.
  • Lunar New Year celebrations continued — despite Mother Nature’s elemental forces. The San Francisco Chronicle writes that “umbrellas bobbed like lanterns in San Francisco’s Union Square” during the parade and day-long celebration; it’s a creative bit of writing we’re envious we didn’t write ourselves. More info
  • Tech playoffs continue in what’s looking like a correction of the economic sector. Bay Area-based companies Okta and Pinterest announced they’re cutting 300 and 150 jobs, respectively. More info

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