The (Belated) Weekend Catch-Up: Cloud Coverage and Controversy in San Francisco

From lemurs enjoying “enrichment” presents at the SF Zoo to over two inches of rain falling in most parts of the Bay Area, a lil’overdue rundown on what happened over the weekend in and around San Francisco.

At this point, there’s little ambiguity about how we felt before going into the weekend. (It feels like I’m now just coming up for air, having been previously dipped into a vicious pool muddied with contentious acquisitions and passionately-written essays, as well as a denouncement letter.) 

On Sunday, our founder and editor-in-chief of Underscore_SF — (me!) — answered questions from 48hill’s Marke Bieschke, who is the publisher and arts and culture editor of the publication. In what proved to be another cathartic release of pent-up frustrations, sadnesses, and contemplations around The Bold Italic’s recent ownership transfer, the story of how Underscore_SF began was further fleshed out. 

We also got to share how you can support our entirely independent business: “Every single dollar donated goes toward keeping the publication independent and will help fund work from contributors, pay for website and newsletter hosting costs, and assist in covering all the other bits that come with owning a publication… that isn’t funded by outside capital.”

Barring the posting of any more wild, red-flag-ridden job applications and other controversial pieces of digital text, we’re happy to leave this chapter behind us. Our mental health, too, is ready to move on and shore up.


So… yea, there’s that. It was also incredibly wet this past weekend. Rain totals hit unusually high levels — an incredibly good thing. Most of the Bay Area received more than two inches of rain. Parts of the Santa Cruz mountains were even hit with snow; the entire San Francisco Bay Area basically received a “be careful outside, it’s slippery, babe” warning from the SF Bay Area chapter of the National Weather Service.

What else happened over the weekend? A quick rundown on some special stuff.

  • One of Twitter’s former heads has left his Bay Area home amid attacks from the company’s new owner, Elon Musk, that began this weekend. “Looks like Yoel is arguing in favor of children being able to access adult Internet services in his PhD thesis,” Musk wrote in a baseless tweet Saturday, attacking Yoel Roth, Musk’s “former right-hand man,” and leading him to run away from the region. More info
  • It’s officially the holiday szn for SF Zoo’s animals. “Holiday-themed enrichment” presents were given to the zoo’s animals, like its lemur troops, over the weekend ahead of the facility’s Joy to the Animals celebration taking place on December 17th and 18th. More info.
  • Here’s your reminder that SF’s Limoncello is an Italian grocery touchstone… right in the heart of the city’s Latino Heritage District. Limoncello on 24th Street opened in August; it currently has over 1,500 five-star ratings on Yelp. More info.

Feature image: Courtesy of California photographer Michael Shainblum — make sure to check out more of his work on

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