Here’s How You Can Now Financially Support Underscore_SF

Thank y’all for the continued love and support, especially over this past weekend.

On Friday, December 9th, I — the founder and editor-in-chief (EIC) of this independent publication — pulled the curtain back on my “contentious working relationship” with Medium during my past role as EIC of The Bold Italic, after it was announced it had been acquired by GrowSF, a centrist (read: right-leaning) political advocacy group based in San Francisco. But before it was offered to the organization… The Bold Italic was first floated by me to own.


That agreement was never finalized. And Medium pulling the rug out from under me served as the catalyst to pull the lever on ideating, building, and launching my own publication: Underscore_SF.

Since publishing that essay on *how it all went down,* dozens of readers reached out to ask how they can support Underscore. How you can support local journalism; what you can do to help the publication grow; if there are ways you could donate funds toward covering overhead costs, pay writers, and ensure the brand’s financial stability.

I was overwhelmed — in the best way possible. The sheer amount of kindness that came through for the publication left me very much high-key sobbing over my Trader Joe’s sparkling water. I, too, was a bit embarrassed; I hadn’t yet set up any way for readers to financially support Underscore_SF. (As it turns out, it appears I still have a bit of repressed Catholic guilt around asking for money that I’ve yet to shed… despite leaving the faith nearly fifteen years ago.)

Today, I finally changed that facepalm. There are now ways you can donate online to help support us in our mission to remain fiercely independent, incredibly hyperlocal, and completely unapologetic.

As it reads on our “Support Us” landing page: “Every single dollar donated goes toward keeping the publication independent and will help fund contributors, pay for website and newsletter hosting costs, and assist in covering all the other bits that come with owning a publication… that isn’t funded by outside money.”

Each vowel and constant and punctuation mark in the above statement rings and reads true. So, if you’re feeling particularly generous — and, just as importantly, are in a financial position to do so; always make sure your own metaphorical cup is filled first so that it can eventually overflow — consider donating to Underscore_SF.

You can find Underscore’s PayPal donation portal by clicking here or scrolling to the bottom of the website, where you’ll find a “donation” button that’ll prompt you to give a contribution if you should wait.  For those fans of Venmo, Underscore_SF’s official Venmo account is [at]underscore-sf — and feel free to send a cute lil’ message along with your gracious donation.

I’m at a loss for words about how much y’all’s continued support means to me and the publication. This is coming from a very verbose queer person, no less.

Stay safe. Thank you. Continue supporting — reading, sharing, and engaging with — local journalism published by independent outlets.

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  • Peter Jacobs

    I lived in The City for 25 years. I was very young and the move provided me with the acceptance as well as venues of creativity I never had before. Due to my move, I was offered leading roles in Theatre, Dance and Artistic freedom I never experienced before moving to the City. I was not aware of your publication until 4 months ago. I enjoyed the content and your views on many issues of The City both positive and negative. I felt you were on the right tract and felt with a little more time, you would build a significant entity to the readers and to a City I once loved. I certainly admire your ability to to be honest in what has happened to you. You did not deserve the treatment you received and to be honest, fucked over by a pack of idiots who were only interested in using your efforts to take over what you created. You should never have been treated in the duplicitous and dishonest manner you were. I absolutely wish you well with the new venue and hopefully continue being a huge asset to The City……….

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