Here Are Your Winners for Underscore_SF’s Best of 2022 Awards

From winners like SF-based drag queen Nicki Jizz to the “Showtime” mural outside of Oasis nightclub, this year’s queer nominees came out shining ahead.

Well… it’s been — rather: was — a year. We saw the emergence of another pathological threat, MPX (monkeypox), be successfully thwarted before it became uncontainable. Optimism around San Francisco’s downtown ebbed and flowed in degrees of uncertainty; it’s become incredibly unclear what that bright future will be… without repurposing empty offices into habitable domiciles. It’s been a year underscored by impeccable highs and demolishing lows — and, as of most recent, epic floods.

2022 was the closest to a somewhat normal calendar year we’ve had since the Covid-19 pandemic was announced in March 2020, with rising rents and all. The past year was also made better by our beloved local bipeds, bars, eateries, nonprofits, and so many more touchstones that we found stability in through the prior 52 weeks. 

Y’all spoke — all 179 of you, in fact — and voted on your favorites this past year. And, proverbial drum roll please: We’re happy to announce our winners for Underscore_SF’s Best of Awards for 2022 today, as both a celebration of the past year’s peaks and a reminder of why this city remains such a magical place to call home (or spend any amount of time in) coming into 2023.

Here are your winners and runner-ups, below:

Best Takeout in San Francisco

Winner: La Taqueria

Runner-Up: Mission Chinese

Best Parklet in San Francisco

Winner: Santeria

Runner-Up: The Page

Best ‘Slow Street Corridor’ in San Francisco

Winner: The JFK Promenade

Runner-Up: Upper Great Highway

Best New San Francisco Eatery

Winner: Kaiyo (Rooftop)

Runner-Up: Wicked 6

Best Dispensary in San Francisco

Winner: Grass Roots

Runner-Up: Purple Star

Best Overall Bar in San Francisco

Winner: Twin Peaks Tavern

Runner-Up: Madrone Art Bar

Best Overal Restaurant in San Francisco

Tied Winners: Che Fico and Chao Pescao

Best Piece of SF Street Art n 2022

Winner: “Showtime” (Oasis)

Runner-Up: Whale Sculpture (JFK Promenade)

Best SF Non-profit Organization

Winner: SF CASA

Runner-Up: La Cocina

Best Local Journalist/Author in San Francisco

Winner: Heather Knight (San Francisco Chronicle)

Runner-Up: Joe Eskenazi (Mission Local)

Best Drag Performer

Winner: Nicki Jizz

Runner-Up: Juanita MORE!

Best Muni Line in San Francisco

Winner: N Judah

Runner-Up: F Market & Wharves

Best Bodega/Corner Store in San Francisco

Winner: Rhea’s

Runner-Up: Tahona Mercado

Best Book Store in San Francisco

Winner: Green Apple Books (Clement St.)

Runner-Up: Dog Eared Books (Valencia St.)

Best Coffee Shop/Cafe in San Francisco

Winner: Flywheel Coffee & Roasters

Runner-Up: Stable

Best Gym/Fitness/Yoga Studio in San Francisco

Winner: Fitness SF (The Castro)

Runner-Up: Haum Yoga (Mission District)

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