This Is My Favorite San Francisco ‘Pancake’

No syrup, no butter needed — but maybe take a picture to relish later.

This summer in SF has been unusually cold, albeit punctuated by the occasional heat wave. (Another one is expected to come our way this weekend, FYI.) As a result of this frigid weather, “Fogust” appears to have arrived earlier in San Francisco. And Karl The Fog is combing over the city with a thickness usually reserved for later in the summer.

One result of this extra fluffy haze is the return of my favorite “pancake” in San Francisco — Karl The Fog’s smothering of Twin Peaks.

The phenomenon usually occurs during the foggiest months of the year, which is unsurprisingly June, July, and August. When hot air rises to meet cooler, moisture-rich ocean air — a mingling exacerbated when warm weather heats SF in the afternoon and early evening hours — SF’s iconic fog forms in spectacular ways.  

One of the most jaw-dropping iterations of Karl The Fog’s descent on SF is when he engulfs Twin Peaks. A pancaking, if you will.

“Flattened like a pancake,” tweeted San Francisco Chronicle meteorologist Gerry Díaz. The phenomenon has been similarly described before. And, tbh, it’s my favorite “pancake” in San Francisco.

Better yet: You can still enjoy it while remaining in ketosis!

Feature image: Courtesy of Twitter via [at]orangenex

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