There’s Now a Lil’ Dog Library on SF’s JFK Promenade

There are over fifty little libraries in San Francisco — but, as far as we know, this is the only one for doggos.

Every time we pass a little library in San Francisco, the inner child in us — the one who found whim and escapism inside the tattered pages of well-worn books — glows. If we’re carrying a book we can comfortably part with, we wedge it inside any shoulder-level library we pass. Hopefully, there’s something we can take in exchange. If not, we’re happy to add to the stack. And with at least fifty Little Free Libraries scattered around the seven-by-seven, there’s no shortage of them to check out.

Our four-legged best friends are left out of this exchange; while they have a firm grasp of our spoken languages, they can’t, say, read Joan Didion with such prowess. But now, they can partake in this give-and-take exchange along San Francisco’s JFK Promenade… which recently debuted a library for dogs.

Literature isn’t the transaction commodity here. Balls and sticks are for trading.

“The Golden Mile isn’t just for people,” reads a caption from Illuminate, the SF-based non-profit responsible for the collaborative art project, The Golden Mile, that’s further livened up one of the city’s best car-free corridors. This past November, the 1.5-mile pedestrian-first stretch of roadway in Golden Gate Park became a permanent fixture when San Franciscans overwhelmingly voted in favor of seeing Prop J passed. In that same vein, voters denounced Prop I — which, if it had been approved, would’ve seen private vehicles along the roadway again.

While this weekend’s looking to be a wet one, try to get out with your furry best friend on this asphalt brick road of wonder. Don’t forget a stick or ball, either.

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