The NWS Bay Area Just Threaded a Fall Foliage Photo Dump

It’s digital proof that autumn foliage does, in fact, come to the region — even in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Bay Area is beloved and adored for its year-round lovely weather. It’s a region in Northern California where you can wear, more or less, the same wardrobe — no matter the season; the only article of our clothing that might change its density is outerwear, which will vary between light and medium-light thickness.

However, images of autumn foliage don’t necessarily come to mind when discussing this slice of NorCal. This couldn’t be further from the case.

A very nice and very time-appropriate and very wanderlust-providing Twitter thread that pedestals rusty red and sunset orange leaves was recently published by the SF Bay Area chapter of the National Weather Service.

“With those cooler temperatures it’s starting to look like fall out there!” reads a tweet for the weather service. “Anyone else have nice fall foliage pictures?”

Oh, and those keyboard-pecking humans came through with those said images.

Cities from Oakland and Livermore, to San Francisco and Santa Rosa, were dumped in the thread. (This tweet from a user also was a nod to the rich bird watching around this area come fall; a Red-naped Sapsucker, which is a species of woodpecker, particularly caught our eye.)

Most of the trees donning their autumnal color palates were species of maple and oak trees. One person contributed a still of a Golden-rain tree in the process of changing colors, inspiring us to go down a Google Search rabbit hole into their biology

With gas prices still nauseatingly high, it’s nice to be reminded that we Bay Area locals don’t need to travel to far-flung areas outside the region to see fall foliage, whilst sipping on a PSL and living out our basic-AF autumn pleasures.

Click here to thumb through the entire thread from NWS Bay Area, here

Feature image: Courtesy of Twitter via @ctaMike

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