SF’s Sunsets Have Been *Chef’s Kiss* Amid This Heat Wave

I’ll never get tired of watching the sun dip below the Golden Gate Bridge.

I was born in Texas; I was raised in Texas; I lost my virginity in Texas. I’m used to the heat — temperatures that climbed so high that black leather interiors and seat belts doubled as branding instruments. 

Moving to San Francisco was an exercise both escaping the insufferable heat and pursuing a career in journalism. Though the latter has proven objectively successful — I now own a digital publication, albeit one very much in its infancy — the former remains increasingly elusive. Since 1970, San Francisco has warmed by 2.9 degrees; a 1.7 degrees increase in San Jose is now a reality; California, as a whole, warmed 2.9 degrees on average, as well.

Heat spells like the one we’re currently wrapped in right now are going to grow more common as our city warms. We might even see Karl The Fog go on sabbatical almost a third of the year in my lifetime.

All of this is to say that the climate crisis is changing San Francisco as we know it, right before our very eyes. All while we’re sweating inside our air-condition-less studio apartments. All amid a historic heat wave that’s gripped the entire state of California in record-breaking heat. (I mean… just look at the number of 110-plus degree highs recorded Tuesday, September 6th.)

But because of the science behind the present head dome over California, which has created a persistent region of high pressure that’s trapped heat and cleared clouds, San Francisco’s sunsets have been *chef’s kiss* over the past few days. While this is by no means a reason to throw up our hands in celebration, nor a sign to thwart our individual pledges to reduce our environmental impacts, it’s a nicety we can appreciate. And from many vantage points — like, say, Presidio Tunnel Tops or Francisco Park.

Because this ungodly heat will stick around to at least Friday, we’ve still got a few more days of gorgeous sunsets (and sunrises!) to go. Let’s take a moment to signal boost some of the best sunsets to cross our social media TLs so far this week.

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