The (Long) Weekend Catch Up: 100s Across the Board

A bad three-day weekend for choosing milk as a beverage.

This holiday weekend saw the beginning of the atmospheric heat dome that is still swallowing the San Francisco Bay Area. 

On Monday, 11 record-high temperatures were shattered. Livermore saw the mercury skyrocket to 116 degrees Fahrenheit — which was, at the time, the hottest temperature registered in the SF Bay Area. Ever. Like… ever

Observed 100-plus-degree temperatures were far from rare on Labor Day, too; well over a dozen cities in the SF Bay Area saw its residents sweating through their t-shirts living through such conditions. 

While we thought yesterday was hot, weather predictions are projecting that today, September 6th, will be *the hottest day recorded in history* for the region. 

And Livermore might very well break the record it cemented on Monday with a truly scalding 118-degree high. But what about other cities like, say, Danville and Walnut Creek? We might see 120-degree temperatures plunge on them — which, if they come to fruition, would be the hottest highs ever recorded in the SF Bay Area.

Thousands of PG&E account holders in the East Bay are already without power today… with more rolling blackouts expected as the California power grid operator anticipates growing energy demands.

It’s hot — really, really hot. And this abnormally high hit will only become more common as the climate crisis worsens.

Buckle up, babes: Experiencing this unruly heat isn’t going to become a seasonal reality in the years to come. 

Perspiration aside, here are some news-worthy nuggets that also transpired over the three-day weekend.

  • The suicide nets along the Golden Gate Bridge are now expected to be finished in November 2023 — a full two years after they were first slated to be installed. But once they are, they’ll be “almost 100% effective” in preventing deaths from jumping off the world-famous bridge. More info.
  • Thousands convened on Bay Area beaches over the weekend to find respite from the heat. And they left a fuck-ton of trash. More info.
  • Two large wildfires erupted in NorCal on the same day… in the same county. The Mill and Mountain fires have collectively burned over 15,000 acres, thus far, but containment of the two blazes is steadily increasing. More info.
  • Lol @ all the tech bros who caused an eight-hour traffic jam leaving Burning Man on its last weekend. There was also a massive dust storm that left many stranded earlier in the week. More info.
  • This piece on the Mission District’s beloved morning doves is so pure and wholesome. “We immediately began calling the new downy ball Rosco. He was totally dependent upon his parents. But, like any Mission dweller, Rosco was feisty.” More info.

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