The Weekend Catch-Up: San Francisco’s 2023 Folsom Street Fair Descends on the City

Hundreds of thousands of sex-positive bipeds walked San Francisco’s SoMa district in leather regalia (or, basically, nothing at all) this past Sunday during SF’s 40th Folsom Street Fair festival.

Now in its 40th iteration, San Francisco’s foremost sex-positive festival — which is also the largest leather, kink, and fetish event in the entire world — defined the weekend. An estimated 250,000 kinksters flocked to the SoMa, where all sorts of shenanigans, debauchery, and queerness intersected for the annual festival.

Folsom Street Fair has never been an event for the narrow-minded or unexplored. As one wades through a sea of warm bodies, the unmistakable smell of sun-warmed leather and musk permeates the air, bumps into leashed pups, and angle feathers made from cowhide occur. Permittees exist outside the realm of San Francisco laws that pertain to nudity and public sex, sidewalk blowjobs, and in-street poundings are commonplace; it’s curious how easily the mind acclimates to such scenes when they’re presented in abundance.

For many, Folsom Street Fair exists as a nexus of sexual liberation, bodily autonomy, and community. Though not entirely queer, the vast majority of those who attend the kink festival exist somewhere within the LGBTQIA+ community. All (legal adults) are welcome, sans the bigoted ones.

Until next year, boys and girls and theys and thems. And remember: consent is not only necessary but sexy as hell — all year long.

What else happened over the weekend? Let’s take a look.

  • Finally, some clean air. After what’s felt like days of watery eyes and itchy lungs, the air around the SF Bay Area improved to normal levels; as of publishing, most of SF now enjoys healthy reading in the “green” on PurpleAir. More info.
  • People are taking to the ferry in record numbers. Ridership on the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority’s ferry ship felt is approaching near pre-pandemic levels again. More info.
  • A teenage passenger was killed Sunday morning in NorCal. A 19-year-old driver was critically injured in a possible DUI crash in Sonoma County this weekend, in the area of Oak Grove Avenue and Graton Road. More info.

Feature Image: Courtesy of [at]DrewSlater_ on X

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