The (Belated) Weekend Catch-Up: Humpback Whale Puts on a Show in Front of SF’s Golden Gate Bridge

Plus, the pushback against SFPD’s mass arrest of teenagers during this past weekend’s Hill Bomb continues to mound.

Typically, the best time to see whales of all kinds, especially humpback whales, in the SF Bay Area is between March and November. The spring and summer months coincide with the annual humpback migrations down the Pacific coast toward warmer, birthing waters in the southern hemisphere where females will begin raising their newborn calves.

Humpbacks along that months-long trek — which, fun fact, have the longest mammal migration known to science, with some females traveling over 3,000 miles from feeding to spawning waters — often pass through the waters around the Golden Gate Bridge. One such majestic beast surprised a few lucky onlookers recently when the cetacean leaped from the water, right in front of SF’s iconic bridge.

“Can you believe this whale-y cool photo our research intern captured on a recent whale survey in the San Francisco Bay,” reads the IG caption from the Marine Mammal Center describing the post.

Per the center, “cetacean experts” have found whales in the SF Bay Area more frequently in recent years. So, assuming that we humans can act responsibly around these waters — “slow [water vessels] to 10 knots or less,” “give whales at least 100 yards of space” — sights like this will continue on for generations to come.

What else transpired over the weekend? Let’s take a look.

  • Local political groups and elected leaders denounce the mass arrest at Hill Bomb. District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston and the Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club lambasted the arrest of over a hundred young people, the vast majority under 18 years old, demanding an “immediate and comprehensive independent investigation into the arrests,” and feeling “ashamed of our City leadership for this type of militarization of our streets and attack on our youth.” More info.
  • But of course, the Mayor’s office and SFPD each supported the traumatizing actions and use of City resources. Both City departments cited that the arrests of dozens of mostly high school-aged students were justified due to the event being “unpermitted” and neighborly disturbance. More info.
  • The cruise ship that ran into Pier 27 was given the all-clear to leave the port. Ruby Princess, which had 3,256 guests and 1,161 crew onboard at the time of the crash, set off toward Alaska Sunday; no injuries were reported as a result of the crash. More info.
  • ICYMI: It’s National Bison Month. Now’s a good time as any to take a stroll around the perimeter of Golden Gate Park’s bison paddock. More info.

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram via [at]themarinemammalcenter/Pilar Rodriguez

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