Here Are Your Nominations for Underscore_SF’s Best of 2022 Awards

Make sure to get your votes in for your favorite nonprofit, SF-based drag queen, art gallery, and *so much more* by the end of this week!

We’re smitten and basking in a post-holiday glow. Why? Y’all came through with a long list of nominees for Underscore_SF’s first-annual Best of Awards. We recorded around a hundred responses this year — each and every one nominating an SF institution, business, mural, or person worthy of a digital round of applause.

Below, we’ve included the Google Form to cast your votes inside below. But remember to only file one response; we’ll know if you cheat. Winners of Underscore_SF’s first-ever Best of Awards for 2022 will be announced on December 31st at noon.

Signal boost away, everyone! Voting will close on December 30th at 5 p.m., FYI.

Feature Image: Courtesy of Flickr via [at]S@ndrine

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