We’re Seeking Nominations for Underscore_SF’s First-Ever ‘Best of Awards’ for 2022

You get a signal boost, you get a signal boost, you get a signal boost — [those nominated] get a [San Francisco-based] signal boost!

It’s hard to believe that we’re quickly coming up on the three-year anniversary of the San Francisco Bay Area declaring its historic shelter-in-place ordinance, which went into effect at midnight on March 17, 2020. Since then, we’ve all been through a lot… to say the least.

But now fully in its Recovery Era — a phoenix that has risen up from the ashes, albeit not entirely unscathed and still a bit limp — life around San Francisco is feeling quasi-normal again. We patron our favorite bars; we dine at notable eateries; we watch drag queens twirl and DJ while sweating on dance floors. We’ve accumulated our supplemental Covid-19 vaccine doses, which have since been complemented by our bivalent boosters.

The City By the Bay is alive and (ostensibly) well, folks. It’s not going anywhere, despite conservative fanfare. Even with arguably now the second-most hated man in the country perched high up in Twitter’s headquarters, San Franciso is alive with the sounds of uprising, vivaciousness, and gratitude.

All of this leads us to this very specific launch: Underscore’s first-ever Best of Awards.

For 2022, we’re seeking nominations for over two dozen categories for Underscore_SF’s Best of 2022 Awards. If you’re keen on nominating/signal boosting a local small business, culture center, or sublime human being, please fill out this Google Form to submit your nominations. (Any information you can give us as to why you are nominating a certain person or business is helpful.)

The deadline to nominate any one person, business, or organization is Thursday, December 22nd. Voting for the most nominated candidates and business will begin on Friday, December 23rd, and will close Thursday, December 29th. Winners of Underscore_SF’s Best of 2022 Awards will be announced on Friday, December 30th.

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