The Long Weekend Catch-Up: San Francisco’s Iconic Queer Stud Nightclub to Be Rebirthed in 2024

Plus: Dozens of sea lion deaths around the Bay Area are linked to a certain disease — that can be spread to dogs, FYI.

San Francisco exists as a nexus for a litany of matters — one intersection being queerness and entertainment. (SF is still widely considered the queer mecca of the world.) But alas, the pandemic reminded us all of the semi-permanence of things and that our lives can painfully change in the blink of an eye… or the howl of a cough… or fit of a sneeze.

The shuttering of the Stud, a touchstone of LGBTQIA+ nightlife in San Francisco, was such a nudge. 

However, as SF continues disproving its ill-ascribed doom loop narrative, growing pockets of vitality around the seven-by-seven are glowing by the day. The grand opening of downtown’s IKEA location saw thousands shop at the Swedish furniture store, and it has continued to enjoy heavy foot traffic since.

Over the long weekend, it was announced that the Stud will return in a new location — the third in the bar’s nearly six-decade history — taking up residence in SF’s Leather and LGBTQ Cultural district at 1123-1125 Folsom Street; it was the two-building location that once housed Julie’s Supper Club and the Trademark sports bar.

It’s all a bit poetic and timely to see a pinnacle of SF’s queer culture returning amid the city’s resurgence… however, slow that new blossoming might be.

“Right now we are seeing San Francisco in a precarious state where a lot of businesses are closing. We’re more determined now than ever to be a part of San Francisco’s success and rebuilding,” said Honey Mahogany, a member of the Stud Collective and chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s an opportunity to create a scene and also continue this incredibly rich and long history of queer resistance, joy and celebration in San Francisco.” 

Adding to this episode of welcomed nostalgia, the latest iteration of the Stud in its new location is expected to use the nightclub’s iconic Victorian bar fixtures, colored glass pendants, and vintage signage. 

However, The Stud Collective can’t open this latest iteration alone; they’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of raising $500,000 by the end of November to help pay for things like the renovations and other costs associated with reopening.

When it does hopefully reopen early next year, the Stud’s new location will serve as an example of San Francisco’s evergreen resilience.

“The Stud has been around for almost 60 years. We’ve survived closures and venue changes before and have come back stronger,” Mahogany added. “I’m really excited to see what this next chapter holds for the Stud and for San Francisco.”

What else happened over the long weekend? Let’s take a look.

  • Celebs fled Burning Man amid the widespread flooding. A video on Instagram showed DJ and music producer Diplo in the bed of a truck… with comedian Chris Rock… as they drove out of the muddy scene at this year’s Burning Man festival… while others were trapped in the Black Rock Desert amid the shelter-in-place order. More info.
  • Several sea lion deaths off Bay Area beaches have been linked to a specific disease. The disease, known as Leptospirosis, can spread to other animals such as dogs through urine — which is often fatal in dogs, though, thankfully, not humans. More info.
  • In a less somber oceanic happening, many of South California’s beaches lit up in a bioluminescent light show. Bright blue, radiant waves crashed along certain southern California coastlines this weekend, as a result of certain kinds of dinoflagellates lighting up dark beaches when they become agitated. More info.

Feature image: Courtesy of Instagram via [at]kjlalasf

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