People Actually Pretended to Be Fired From Twitter in San Francisco 

It’s high-key such a camp move (and… maybe the ultimate Halloween Costume to wear around San Francisco?).

In case you’ve been living under a rock – which, if you have, please email us the address and leave the gate open — Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter commenced on Friday, October 28. The muli-hyphen CEO and problematic billionaire initiated his takeover of the company, firing its CEO and CFO, as well as entire teams of employees, especially those in the engineering sectors. (As Wirecutter so eloquently put it: If he starts thinning out the company’s securities teams… run… run like there’s a Bengal tiger chasing after you.)

Yesterday was rough for Twitter’s downtown San Francisco headquarters for staffers — to say the least. Reuters even installed a live cam outside the 1355 Market Street office yesterday to document the hoopla. (Though, this proved to film completely useless content, if for no other reason than the camera was positioned so far away, moving human bodies resemble fire ants skirring around after a heavy rain storm.)

What also transpired yesterday amid all the hoopla were some pretty great antics. Starting around noon, reporters and (actual) Twitter employees began noticing a strange trend: People started showing up at the headquarters dressed in outerwear, carrying boxes filled with office supplies…. pretending to have just been let go from the company. They poised; they conducted interviews; they played the game — quite well.

According to Bloomberg, messages in internal Slack channels and emails from Twitter employees denounced the doppelgangers. Some employees were irate, per messages, but most of them had found it comical — a welcomed bit of levity amid a dreadful day.

And, honestly? These people might’ve just inspired the most camp and of-the-moment costume anyone could wear this weekend around San Francisco.

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