FYI: You Can Adopt an (Adult) Dog This Month (for Free) in SF

Canines up for adoption through the San Francisco SPCA will have their adoption fees waived until December 31st.

Last year, the San Francisco SPCA took in a record 3,242 cats and dogs — with over 3,000 of them finding homes. Those that didn’t find homes were either relocated to different shelters, placed in foster homes, or humanely euthanized due to a certain subset of variables (i.e. health and behavioral concerns).


And with the animal shelter’s first return to IRL adoptable animals displayed in its Holiday Windows at Macy’s in Union Square, the shelter is set to have another year of record adoptions. Aiding that goal into fruition is the fact that the San Francisco animal shelter recently announced all adult dogs — “5m+” — will have adoption fees waived.

“Now through Dec 31, all adult dogs (5mo+) are FREE to adopt,” reads a tweet from the animal shelter. “ We are full up with amazing adoptable animals like Sammy (9mo) who would love to make the leap to a forever home!”

Currently, there are at least 48 dogs up for adoption through the SF SPCA; the vast majority of these good doggos are, indeed, adult dogs looking for their forever home. Sammy and Sage are both top-tier cute… as are Waffles, Rico, Linda, and literally all the other 43 adoptable pups. As for cats? You can now see many available kittens playing in Macy’s Holiday Windows. And a scroll through the San Francisco animal shelter’s present roster of cats and kittens can make even the most not-a-cat person yearning to bring one home. (I mean.. just look at the absolute stare Queen Kimberely is serving the camera! A truly regal feline.)

You can check out all of SFPSCA’s available animals, visit; for information on how to adopt, including fees that still apply for young dogs, visit

Feature image: Courtesy of SF SPCA

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